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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is no, Autocarta is not a Real Estate. We will teach you the buy-sale process of differents estates and the legal documentation that you will need in each case. In our online shop you Will find all the legal products that you need to end the process. If you feel trapped or feel that you need help, you can also ask an appointment with a professional.

You sell your property you have the control. That’s why we don’t charge you any commission, but we can make easier for you all the process by consulting a professional under an extra charge.

Exactly, there is no extra charge, you pay for what you see because the taxes are included in the final price in our online shop.

You, but if you want a professional realtor who does for you and send you a inform post visit about how did go, you can buy this service in our online shop. Without commissions, pay the price you see.

At the moment most of our services are available only in Catalonia, but we’re working to reach all Spain soon.

No, we only help you giving you easily the services that you need while the transaction is still going. But you decide if you want to buy it or not and in case that you buy it we won’t be responsible of the end of the transaction.

Absolutely!. That only means that at the buying moment you will have two or more options.

Easy, with our appraisal service you can know the value of your proprety, you can even take it to the bank and negotiate your loan.

Of course not, you can use our services to update your properties, have more security or manage your wealth.